Network-wide Ad Blocking

1. Install a supported operating system

You can run Pi-hole in a container, or deploy it directly to a supported operating system via our automated installer.

Docker install

Supported operating systems

2. Install Pi-hole

Our intelligent, automated installer asks you a few questions and then sets everything up for you.  Once complete, move onto step 3.

Install Pi-hole

3. Use Pi-hole as your DNS server

Configure your router’s DHCP options to force clients to use Pi-hole as their DNS server, or manually configure each device​ to use the Pi-hole as their DNS server.

Use Pi-hole as your DNS server

4. Block ads everywhere, even on the go

By pairing your Pi-hole with a VPN, you can have ad blocking on your cellular devices, helping with limited bandwidth data plans.

Pi-hole + VPN

Network-wide protection

Instead of browser plugins or other software on each computer, install Pi-hole in one place and your entire network is protected.

Block in-app advertisements

Network-level blocking allows you to block ads in non-traditional places such as mobile apps and smart TVs, regardless of hardware or OS.

Improve network performance

Since advertisements are blocked before they are downloaded, network performance is improved and will feel faster.

Monitor statistics

Our Web interface offers control of your Pi-hole and a central place to view statistics.  We also include an API for extending these stats.

The Pi-hole Team

The Pi-hole Developers are spread across the globe and work on the project in their spare time. We are a 100% remote-work team.

Dan Schaper

Core Developer

Adam Warner

Docker Maintainer
Core Developer

Dominik Derigs

FTL Designer
Core Developer

Web Interface

In addition to blocking advertisements, Pi-hole has an informative Web interface that shows stats on all the domains being queried on your network.

Built-in DHCP Server

Pi-hole works fine with an existing DHCP server, but you can use Pi-hole’s to keep your network management in one place.

Manage White And Black Lists

Fine-tune your experience by blacklisting or whitelisting domains.  Extend this capability with powerful regex statements.

Query Log

See all the domains being queried on your network, where they originated, and more.

Long Term Statistics

Queries are stored in a database and can be queried at any time.  Learn about what’s happening on your network over time.

Audit Log

Keep track of the most queried domains and add them to a white or blacklist from a central page.

Privacy Modes

Choose from four different privacy modes that works for your environment.

Other Settings

Control and configure other settings from the Web interface.